My Story

Places I’ve Lived

Over the years, I’ve lived in many cities and traveled across the US, which exposed me to different cultures and ideas. Best of all, I got to experience what makes this country so great – everything from fast cars to poker.

1. Detroit, MI – 2. Phoenix, AZ – 3. Washington, DC – 4. Philadelphia, PA
5. Las Vegas, NV

I practice playing the piano almost every day. I’m not very good, which is why I’m grateful my piano has volume control.

This is my husband, Jimmy, driving his favorite car. The day after he bought it, I asked if I could drive it around the block. His response: “Well, Okay, but if you get into an accident, make sure it’s fatal”.

We adopted these American Eskimos – Karma (left) and Shiloh – from families who could no longer care for them. They’re so cute and so destructive.

dog_karma dog_shiloh